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Dating tips for men

04 Oct, 2016

  • Plan it:-

Have a solution for when and in which place the date will be. try to select a place that’s comfortable and conducive to conversation. even as movie dates are famous, they’re not good for first dates as you’ll both be staring at a display screen all night. If the concept of staring at her from across a table all night intimidates you, select an interactive date. Even when you have nothing in common, you may at least laugh about your terrible mini-golf skills together.

  • Pay the bills:-

 Even though she offers, insist on paying for the date — in particular if you initiated the date in the first place. As a couple, you’ll figure out the way to split and cover bills later. however for now, pick up the bill.

  • Be Assured:-

She already sounds positive. She wants to be there.

  • Dress to Impress:-

You don’t want to put on a suit and tie to the local pub, however it wouldn’t hurt to brush your teeth and pick up a shirt that doesn’t appear slept in.

  • Be on Time:-

And be courteous  if she’s not on time.She probably just doesn’t want  to come before you reach there.

  • Be Attentive:-

Ask brilliant questions. pay attention. Smile.

  • Use Compliments Accurately:-

She might have put some effort into her look for you, so compliment her but avoid a never-ending list of praise or remarks that sound too sexual.

  • Prove that knighthood is not dead:-

Definitely, she’s an independent girl. That doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t pull the chair for her or open the door for her, its always nice to be a true gentleman.

  • Say goodnight:-

Don’t let the evening end with a buzz. Be intentional about saying good-bye, and initiate either  a handshake or a hug, or a kiss.

  • Follow Up:-

Forget about those 3-day rules. if you had a notable time, let her realize the next day.